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Miami, November 3, 2004 -- Arclinea, the acclaimed Italian manufacturer of luxury, contemporary kitchens, has opened its first showroom in the Southeastern United States, in the Miami metropolitan area. Arclinea is a privately-owned company based in Caldogno, Italy and is known worldwide for its cutting-edge design, exquisite materials and innovative technology. The Arclinea Collection is designed and coordinated by the renowned Italian architect Antonio Citterio, designer of other exclusive products for Maxalto, B&B Italia and Flos, among others.

"We are very pleased with the enthusiastic response we have received," says Gustavo Arcia, Managing Director of Arclinea Miami. "Our location in the design and gallery district of Coral Gables makes us easily accessible. Arclinea is located half way between Coral Way and The Village at Merrick Park, in the midst of a cluster of quality stores that attests to the growing appreciation for contemporary design in the South Florida market."

In addition to their unique design and luxurious materials, the custom-designed kitchens in the Arclinea Collection are distinguished by a common thread: that the kitchen should be a living space, one that is functional and social. Arclinea kitchens embody a thoughtful way of contemplating and utilizing space: the kitchen is designed around the user's movements, with a keen eye towards ergonomics and space efficiency. This is evident in the materials, colors and the freedom of movement found in stainless steel drawers that fully open, with integrated recessed handles and depths to accommodate every kitchen accessory.

The Arclinea Collection consists of several different kitchens which can be custom-designed in a variety of different design and material options. Its latest kitchen, launched in Milan is the Convivium. Arclinea Miami is the first in the Southeastern United States to showcase this award-winning member of the Arclinea Collection.

The concept of the Convivium reflects the "nesting" effect - the idea that the kitchen is the place in the home for a variety of activities, from preparing, storing and cooking to eating and conversing. The Convivium kitchen is delineated into three areas, each designed to follow a logical, consequential flow of activity in the kitchen.

"The kitchen is the hub of the household, where families gather to tell about their day and to enjoy the flavors and smells that forever link the kitchen to feelings of warmth and comfort. The Arclinea kitchen is ideal for enhancing such feelings, with the added bonus of providing a technologically advanced environment where a passionate chef would be delighted to work and spend quality time with the loved ones" says Arcia. "Our collection brings us to the cutting edge of design and to a new level of enjoyment of food. Arclinea kitchens are technologically advanced, designed around the person as the center of the kitchen, and aimed to please families who appreciate design and comfort."

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