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Elegant hood, stainless steel top
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With a Mediterranea contemporary kitchen design, hosting and sharing in typical Mediterranean style are the guiding principles.  Mediterranea is more than just kitchen cabinets.  This kitchen model includes exceptional technology and design that gives prominence to both preparation activities as well as food consumption.  In this case, contemporary kitchen design accommodates our modern lifestyle by creating a room that is comfortable and practical—with kitchen cabinets that are functional with exquisite materials.

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The focal point of this contemporary kitchen design is the elegant hood, which stresses and lends importance to the cooking area, introduced by a 130 cm lowered stainless steel top.   The stainless steel and wired safety glass hood—boasting a decidedly traditional look—is a highlight of an otherwise undeniably modern kitchen.  But in this case, tradition walks hand-in-hand with modern and professional technology—this hood features an extraction rating of 800 m3 per hour!
Other key elements of this contemporary kitchen design include the lowered stainless steel hob, 130 cm wide by 70 cm deep, featuring five burners and cast iron pan supports.  The hob is framed by back panels and 4 cm thick marble worktops, the latter featuring a drip guard along all four sides.  A particularly appealing custom kitchen feature are the large drawers located beneath the hob area, which have a stainless steel structure and may be outfitted to suit most storage requirements.  The large multi-purpose central island consists of a double-height counter that accommodates both food preparation activities as well as group dining.  Equally large and functional is the island's storage capacity, thanks to the open shelves on one side and fully opening accessorized deep drawers on the other—a much better choice than traditional kitchen cabinets!  Even the dining table, featuring a scraped oak finish, is fully integrated into the contemporary kitchen design—attached to the island, it transforms the working area of a custom kitchen into the throbbing heart and core of its environment.  Conceived to be easily enjoyed from all sides, the island may be used by many persons at one time.

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