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Lignum et Lapis
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Lignum et Lapis is a new kitchen that translates current trends into readily perceivable living solutions with an exclusive blend of plantation-grown, sustainably-harvested larch and stone and innovative technological solutions.  Emphasizing healthy, natural materials, this green kitchen provides a professional-grade cooking experience within a calm and soothing aesthetic.

Request more information about Lignum et Lapis: a green kitchen that provides a healthy, professional-grade cooking experience.

The beauty of natural wood is highlighted in Lignum et Lapis with the use of larch for benches, tables, the new Olimpia model of chair and stool, and a solid door designed in staves of varying widths set at different distances.  Stone offers tremendous impact and distinction to Lignum et Lapis’s innovative islands, bars, and worktops.  Formal research and technological know-how have resulted a new kitchen that features real industrial sculptures—physical monolithic blocks in stone combined with Eulithe (an innovative material used for lightness) and aluminum (for mechanical resistance), and side and end panels that act as supporting elements.  The worktops are designed and realized with a drip guard and integrated basins ready to accommodate stainless steel hobs and sinks.  Lignum et Lapis is the newest kitchen from Arclinea, and like all Arclinea kitchens, it’s a green kitchen.


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