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Florida was designed to facilitate a user-friendly kitchen remodel.  It is a modern kitchen that combines innovative functions with traditional ones, freestanding elements with custom-made units, matching materials such as aluminum, woods, laminates, and glass in a new and unusual manner.   A Florida kitchen remodel includes special design and impeccably constructive details exalting the flexibility of aluminum.  In this modern kitchen, multi-purpose elements meet every storage requirement of your kitchen remodel.

Request more information about Florida: a kitchen remodel that is light, bright and dynamic.

A kitchen remodel using Florida’s modern kitchen elements begins with its unique features, including small yet roomy pullout revolving drawers, brake-wheeled trolleys, waste bins, pantry units and fully opening standard or deep perforated drawers with internal sliding and extractable shelves.  Innovative technical aspects are important parts of a Florida kitchen remodel, including a 6 m shelf lighting unit that can be fitted with several accessories and which integrates a professional hood (extraction rating 800 m3/h), food warmer and "indoor miniature greenhouse" consisting of a led lighting system for growing small aromatic plants.  Last but not least, the integrated lighting profile in this modern kitchen may be attached to the rail, complete with accessory rack guide, power sockets and switches.  When undertaking a kitchen remodel with Florida’s contemporary design features, the service area can stretch expansively below a large aluminum shelf lighting unit, and a white laminate worktop with aluminum trim can be fitted with an inset stainless steel sink and hob that lie flush with the top.  In this modern kitchen, laminate doors exhibit aluminum trims and tubular handles. Detached from the kitchen unit we find the wheeled counter and multi-compartment waste bin (60x60xH85 cm).  Florida also features a tall drawer unit (60x60xH141cm) with aluminum drawers and white beech top.  The tall units in this modern kitchen host the fridge, oven and dishwasher, and offer white laminate door fronts—another dynamic aspect of this contemporary kitchen remodel. 


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