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A Greener Kitchen
Considering that the kitchen is the heart of the home, both philosophically and practically, it is increasingly important that this living space be a healthy, ecologically intelligent one. Arclinea kitchens reflect a spirit of design that respects our living earth and the people who inhabit it — demonstrated in our use of environmental-friendly materials and green manufacturing strategies. Arclinea’s environmental commitment includes

Reduced consumption of raw materials


Arclinea constructive components feature Ecological Panels, fabricated from 100% recycled and regenerated wood, and superior to normal wood products — solid, compact, water-resistant, non-deformable and highly durable over time.


Wood cabinets feature teak and oak veneers from fully managed and sustainable forests

Low emission


Arclinea utilizes non-toxic, water-based paints and lacquers that are free from heavy metals — resulting in a cleaner manufacturing process and full compliance with local and global environmental legislation.


All constructive parts of Arclinea cabinetry are E1 class for formaldehyde emission (low emission of less than 6.5 mg HCOH/100g).

Use of recycled & recyclable materials


Aluminium, stainless steel, glass, & Solid Ray, a 100% homogenous, solid acrylic panel that is UV- and scratch-resistant, in a 2 cm thickness exclusive to Arclinea.

Green manufacturing


An energy regeneration plant in the Arclinea factory turns production-waste into fuel.


State-of-the-art electrostatic precipitator (ESP) system efficiently de-dusts flue gases.

Superior product durability


Since the company’s founding in 1925, Arclinea has achieved an international reputation for its timeless designs and use of the highest quality materials. Designed and engineered to last generations, Arclinea kitchens offer a long life cycle and thus, a reduced environmental footprint.

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