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An Italian kitchen that presents itself as an agile, organized area.  This contemporary kitchen features a multi-functional island with an integrated teak table.  With a Convivium, everything is at hand, and hosting and cooking functions are blended seamlessly yet each area maintains its own distinct function. Convivium represents the best of contemporary Italian kitchens, both fully professional and warmly inviting.

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From the five-burner hob with flush cast iron pan supports and deep single bowl sink to the stainless steel and glass hood and the top-loading waste bin, all the main functions of this contemporary kitchen are die-stamped and integrated into the 20 cm thick stainless steel island worktop, which is edged by a drip guard on all four sides.

Convivium is a meticulously planned Italian kitchen.  Next to the island we find the walk-in closet — a large functional space allowing the kitchen appliances, dishwashing and food storage areas to be kept neatly out of sight.  Large, lacquered, fully opening side-hung doors allow the closet to be fully or partially closed safely, without obstructing the work path.  Part of the closet serves as a pantry unit and may be fitted with an aluminum trolley, bench top, and shelves.  Organized in such a manner, the pantry unit of this contemporary kitchen becomes a readily accessible, large-volume area.

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