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November 2010
Intelligent By Design


“This project truly reflects my philosophy of a greener kitchen,” says designer Lisa Wilson-Wirth. “It takes green design one step further—past material specifications and toward enhancing my clients’ well-being, lifestyle and health. We used smart technologies and combined them with thoughtful design solutions.”

Wilson-Wirth’s La Jolla clients wanted chef-quality features in a kitchen that could host warm family gatherings and entertaining—a sophisticated but accessible design. She remodeled the kitchen to create an open, contemporary plan in which living, dining, cooking, and socializing could co-exist in one space.

“Activities radiate around the center island,” Wilson-Wirth says, “with its accessorized sink and solar-light tubes providing natural day lighting.”

The kitchen accommodates multiple work zones including storage, prep, cooking, wet work, dining, wine preservation and a home office.

“Reflecting the family’s affection for fresh and healthful cooking, we installed Gaggenau Combi steam and convection ovens and an integrated pizza stone and rotisserie to provide a healthier alternative to the microwave,” says Wilson-Wirth. “Family-night pizza and gelato is a regular affair so we also included a dedicated appliance cabinet with a pop-up work counter that houses a gelato maker and food processor.”

High-performance appliances and ample storage provide the conveniences of a professional kitchen. Sophisticated yet playful, with splashes of lime green offsetting strong chocolate browns, the contemporary space has personality, warmth and is designed for real-life living.

Image 1:
This winning chef’s kitchen designed by Lisa Wilson-Wirth provides all the conveniences of a professional kitchen including ample storage and high-performance appliances.

Image 2:
The center island’s honed Black Forest granite countertop is kept to one height to encourage interaction between homeowners and guests.

Image 3:
A stainless-steel countertop with an anti-drip edge and sliding chopping boards houses a modular Gaggenau Teppanyaki griddle, an electric grill and gas wok cooktops. Energy-efficient fluorescent task lighting and LED greenhouses are integrated, allowing herbs to grow within ready reach.

Ecological/Environmental Choices

    Eco-intelligent features of the kitchen designed by Lisa Wilson-Wirth include:
  • Cabinetry: Doors are made from 100-percent recycled/regenerated wood; finish is non-toxic and water-based.
  • Stainless-steel elements: These materials are partially recycled and fully recyclable.
  • Disposal systems: Trash, recycling and compost systems are located in two areas; one convenient to garage and one convenient to yard.
  • Hygienic materials: Stainless-steel products and easy-care woods can be cleaned with water and a micro-fiber cloth rather than chemical cleaners.
  • Water-wise features: The accessorized sink and Miele dishwasher reduce water consumption.
  • Appliances, ventilation and lighting: EnergyStar appliances, energy-efficient LED greenhouses, solar light tubes and natural ventilation reduce energy consumption.
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