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At Arclinea San Diego we understand that a kitchen is more than a room—kitchens are central players in our lives exness.  Arclinea kitchens are adaptable to every size room, from galleys to larger spaces.  But regardless of size, all of our kitchens are meticulously designed to maximize available space and laid out to provide ultimate functionality.  Every Arclinea client is free to select favorite elements from each member of the Arclinea collection. Create the kitchen of your dreams—customized by our team of in-house architects to meet your needs.


Arclinea Convivium Arclinea Convivium

Arclinea’s most popular kitchen model, Convivium features an island with an integrated teak table where everything is on hand and where hosting blends with cooking, each area maintaining its own distinct function. The island features a stainless steel worktop where food can be comfortably prepared even by the most distracted, thanks to the incorporated drip guard exness thailand.  Convivium seamlessly merges dinner preparation and the dinner party.

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Arclinea Italia Arclinea Italia

Italia is a rational and comfortable space that brings the pleasures and advantages of a professional kitchen to the home, employing space allocation, shapes, and details for the cook’s benefit. Italia improves livability and functionality, helping the cook to organize and keep things organized. Cooking is a pleasure as ergonomics and placement create a natural, easy workflow within the kitchen exness th.

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Arclinea Artusi Arclinea Artusi

Artusi means precision and moldable design.  Conceived as the most flexible of professional kitchens, Artusi allows domestic kitchens to be organized in pure freedom, thanks to the use of free-standing, multi-purpose working units, including cooking and washing elements, open-shelf units, technical units, mobile trolleys, preparation counters, and tables.  Ductile, hygienic, and indestructible, steel is Artusi’s main protagonist.

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Arclinea Mediterranea Arclinea Mediterranea

A kitchen designed to allow hosting and sharing in traditional Mediterranean style.  The dining table, featuring a scraped oak finish, is integrated into the island, making this working area into the heart of its environment.  Designed for easy enjoyment from all sides and use by many persons at one time, the island gives prominence to both preparation activities and food consumption.  It’s an ideal focal point for this kitchen: comfortable, practical and equidistant from all other elements including the large burners, washing area, and storage units.

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Arclinea Florida Arclinea Florida

Florida is a user-friendly kitchen that combines innovative functions with traditional ones, freestanding elements with custom-made units, matching materials such as aluminum, white beech, laminates and glass in a new and unusual manner. A special design and impeccable constructive details exalt the flexibility of aluminum, which is the protagonist of Florida, creating multi-purpose elements that meet every storage demand.

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Arclinea Lignum et Lapis Arclinea Lignum et Lapis

Lignum et Lapis is a green kitchen that translates current trends into readily perceivable living solutions with an exclusive blend of plantation-grown sustainably-harvested larch and stone and technological innovations.  Warm, natural materials make Lignum et Lapis a singularly inviting modern kitchen.  Its technical solutions, including a “hideable” glass hood that rises from the island and worktops designed with a drip guard and integrated basins ready to accommodate stainless steel hobs and sinks, make for a tremendously functional new kitchen as well.

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