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June 2009
Kitchen Confidential
By Rachel Hurn

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Arclinea San Diego
Lisa Wilson-Wirth, owner

What is the coolest kitchen feature you've got right now?
Arclinea excels at putting technology to the service of the everyday. This includes elements like our LED greenhouse or electronically controlled faucet systems, and technologies like hydraulics that make it possible to raise and lower a dining table from eating height to working height and vice versa. It includes applying technology to the manufacturing process, which enables us to offer recessed door handles and new door finishes at a standard few rival--from our elegant Italia door handle to our new textured Lignum door with vertical staves in plantation-grown larch or mahogany woods.

Any design trends you're fond of?
Increased availability of kitchen appliances that allow us to cook and prepare foods quickly and healthfully. From built-in steam-convection wall ovens to in-counter griddles and countertop rice cookers, a wealth of new culinary appliances make it possible to enjoy and utilize our kitchens in new, innovative ways.

What trend would you love to see gone?
"Greenwashing" and massive kitchens with little thought for work flow or how socializing, dining and cooking can coexist in harmony.

What is the one question homeowners should ask their designer or showroom manager?
I would ask, "Do you cook?" It's like dining with a chef who doesn't eat--to be a good kitchen designer, one really needs to be passionate about cooking and the role of the kitchen in the home. Whether it's understanding your needs for convenience and being able to recommend the best appliances to reheat purchased foods, or being able to provide a design (and the tools within it) that will enhance your love of cooking together as a family--the ideal designer brings culinary passion to the table.

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