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Good News for Your Aching Back
Arclinea Introduces New Products Designed to Change the Way You Move & Work in the Kitchen

January 17, 2007 — San Diego, CA — Arclinea, the Italian manufacturer of award-winning, contemporary kitchens is pleased to introduce several new product innovations designed with ergonomics in mind. The company continues to experiment with new approaches and technologies, all designed to give home chefs increased access to tools and equipment, while minimizing the bending and stretching of kitchens past. Having carefully studied the economical and efficient movements of professional chefs, each of the company’s six different kitchen concepts incorporate features and workflow enhancements typically only found in professional kitchens, seamlessly integrated into the home.

The company’s newest design innovations include

The waist-height dishwasher
Tired of having to bend to load and unload the dishwasher? The dishwasher doesn’t have to be relegated under counter. The Arclinea Collection allows for the integration of a standard dishwasher into a tall wall of cabinets at waist-height. Dishwashers are positioned between a pull-out storage drawer below and a storage cabinet above. The end result is an appliance fully integrated into a tall wall of cabinets at a fully usable height. The dishwasher’s waist-height position ensures dishes travel from sink to washer (and from washer back into the cupboard) in a single, ergonomically sound movement — no bending required.

The metamorphic table
Your kitchen isn’t a static environment and your work island shouldn’t be either. Arclinea introduces hidden technology with benefits easily enjoyed. The company’s hydraulics-based technology changes the functional makeup of the island with its integrated “up-down” table that adapts on demand, depending on user and use. The elegant planked wooden table easily rises from dining-table-height to counter-height (or anywhere in between), allowing users of different heights and abilities to easily switch from a lowered dining table to ergonomic work surface, with a single press of a button.

“Arclinea is dedicated to providing homeowners with custom kitchen designs that feature technology put to the service of the everyday. This was demonstrated in 1963, when the company became the first in Italy to manufacture a kitchen with integrated kitchen appliances,” Lisa Wilson-Wirth, president & owner, Arclinea San Diego. “These newest product innovations continue to fulfill on that promise. Whether a small galley or a larger space, every Arclinea kitchen is custom designed using a thorough study of our clients’ movements, coupled with a careful contemplation of space.”

In designing a kitchen for your aching back, Arclinea San Diego design staff makes additional recommendations, including

Tools and equipment should be stored where they are used instead of randomly around the kitchen. For example, pots and pan storage is best incorporated in deep drawers, below cook top units.

Waist-high drawers are preferable to cabinets, particularly for heavy items. For example, dish storage is incorporated in under-counter drawer units, outfitted with dish organizers, making it easy to access and lift out multiple place settings at once.

Ovens are best integrated at waist-level, instead of under counter. Thus, convection ovens and microwaves are stacked in tall cabinetry units, allowing for enhanced visibility of cooking foods and easy access and movement of heavy baking pans.

These newest product innovations are available now from Arclinea San Diego. The company offers complimentary design consultations to homeowners and the trade, on single family and multi-unit projects. Arclinea San Diego’s experienced design staff advise clients on a wide-range of kitchen design topics, from how to incorporate energy-efficient appliances, to the latest trends in European design.

For more information, visit or call (619)564-7440.

About Arclinea
Arclinea Arredamenti SpA is a privately-owned company founded in 1925 and based in Caldogno, Italy. Regarded as a leader in the worldwide kitchen market, the company is known for its cutting-edge design, use of exquisite materials and innovative technology. Winner of a number of prestigious design awards, including the Metropolitan Home Modernism Award and the Elle Décor Edida, the Arclinea Collection is designed and coordinated by the internationally celebrated architect Antonio Citterio. With more than 100 distributors worldwide in 29 countries, the Arclinea Collection has been available in the United States since early 2000.

About Arclinea San Diego
Arclinea San Diego is a full-service kitchen design firm and one of eight exclusive distributors of the Arclinea Collection in the United States. Located in the Park West neighborhood downtown, the flagship San Diego showroom features examples of the entire Arclinea Collection, including the company's newest generation of products. In addition to the Arclinea Collection, the company is also a dealer for Gaggenau and Miele kitchen appliances, and CaesarStone® Quartz Surfaces. For more information, visit or call (619) 564-7440.

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