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September/October 2009
Asia Major!
By Troy Johnson

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The dream street in S.D. for real-deal Asian food? Again, it’s Convoy, where eateries span the continent from Vietnamese (pho, crepes) to Japanese (ramen, BBQ). At Tsuruhashi BBQ (3904 Convoy St., 858.279.8929), each table boasts its own grill and accessories for DIY yakiniku, from ume-plum and shiso-stuffed chicken skewers to Kobe beef and seafood, according to S.D. expert Lisa Wilson-Wirth, a Tokyo vet and owner of high-end kitchen showroom Arclinea. Wirth also points to Wa Dining Okan (3860 Convoy Street, 858.279.0941) for traditional Japanese home cooking. “It seats only a handful, but boasts delectable seasonal dishes,” she says. For bigger groups look to its new sister spot, Oton (5447 Kearny Villa Rd., 858.227.3989), a robata-style grill that specializes in fresh fish, just-picked produce and Japanese sake. Phuong Trang (4170 Convoy St., 858.565.6750) is authentic Vietnamese, with pho, crisp Vietnamese-style crepes and salt-and-pepper crispy fried shrimp.

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